Hi Pam

We are back so fresh from our visit to Mexico and your ranch. I can still smell Picazo ("joker") on my blue jeans.
That was truly the highlight of my visit this time. We were so impressed by the wonderful energy that you put into your ranch, beautiful horses, and hard working guides (Raymondo). We definately will be back next year and we will stay in touch as to exact dates and type of tour, staying within the $1000.00 range. I will email you a couple of best pictures when I get organized.

Looking forward to seeing you again.
Take Care Julie Geremia

Hi Pam

Denise here. Thank you again for sharing your ranch, horses, beauty with us. I was so impressed by your amazing, strong, healthy, and agile, skilled horses. Gallant (ladies' man) won my heart, and I could not have felt more secure, safe, riding him.
I will be joining Julie on the tour next year, and look forward to oranizing our next trip.

Sincerely, Denise Gratton

Hi Pam,

Another glowing report! I was in Julie's office when this agent called and mentioned she was booking your trip. I was very happy because I knew we'd be receiving a great feedback from her and here it is!! You are a treasure. As soon as the technology is available, I'm having you cloned!

Regards from snowy, cold 4 degree Milwaukee (and NO, I do not want to hear that it's 80 and sunny in Puerto Vallarta, thank you very much!!)


Our experience with this Shoretrip was excellent! Pamela, the owner, picked us up at the ship and drove us to her ranch. The horses were so very gentle and our guide was outstanding! I had originally wished to ride horses on the beach, but upon riding through the river and up to the top of the mountain (what a view) I was glad we opted for this tour. Coming back down the mountain, we stopped at this wonderful little cafe and enjoyed a delicious lunch and cold beers - again the view was breathtaking. The lenght was perfect, not too long or too short. This is a winner and we'll definitely ride with Pamela and her crew again.

Cindy Weber

Dear Pamela & (Our Tour Leader) Thomas~

Gerald and I had such a wonderful time on our 5 hour trek into the hills on Tuesday, November 11. We enjoyed ourselves so much that we practically told every tourist we came across on the streets or at our hotel about Rancho El Charro. We went on a snorkel all day trip on Friday, and part of that was to take these horses to a waterfall. The horses we had to ride were soooo thin you could see their ribs. Being a horse-lover growing up, and having ridden many times prior to my trip with Thomas, I was very impressed with how well nourished your horses were! Very happy!

I can't wait to see the pictures we took!!
Again Thank You so much!!

Gerald and Kerri

I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you once again for a wonderful, exciting and delightful adventure back on March 13th.

Ihave my picture up here at work to remind me that there is life other than work and to look forward to next year. I will see you and Mango next year. Take care, and thanks once again.

Sarah Henderson.
Austin, Texas.

Pam. I have just got round to logging on to your web site. I visited your ranch in November 2002 with Colin & Ann Colin & I engoyed it so much we came back again.

My horse was Baby and I have just been reading his story. I did not know you had overnight trips in the jungle I mus have a try at that on my next visit. I am a novice at riding but I found your horses well cared for and it was a pleasure to meet you all at the ranch. Good luck to all.

Dale Hicks.

Hi Pam:

This is Janice, we just got home this evening and I justwanted to drop you a quick line and say thank you very much for the chance to ride your wekk trined horses. Both of the boys Bobbygene and Nathan totally enjoyed, as so did I. If know of anyone that will be traveling that way and looking for well trained horses to ride I will definitely recommend you and you crew.

Thank you again,

Janice Sanders & Family

Hi Pamela,

We just got back from our trip in Mexico. I just wanted to thank you for a very memorable one. You were very nice. Your horses were by far the very best I have ever seen. They are very well taken care of. Thank you for all your information about Mexico and for picking us up. Here in the US we don't get that hospitality to much if ever. Thank you again.

Best Regards,

Marisol Lopez